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Testing Services

In addition to supplying packaging for dangerous goods we can offer testing services, for instance UN testing for tailor made boxes or additional testing on existing UN packaging. In both cases the customers inner packagings may be used.

What are the possibilities?


Combination packagings have to be tested “prepared for transport”, including the inner packagings to be used. CarePack Holland offers a fast and easy testing service for combination packagings to help you to fully comply to the dangerous goods regulations when using our GBOX dangerous goods packagings

These testing services consists of:

  • – Testing of 4G boxes with other inner packagings
  • – Testing of differente closures or tape
  • – Testing of different cushioning materials
  • – Testing through accredited testing facilities
  • – Fully compliant certification and reports of the tests

Other test possibilities are leakproof pressure tests (95 kPa), temperature validations, testing of Type A packagings for radio-active materials and P650 approvals for diagnostic materials.


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