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Regulations & Interesting Links

The regulations for the transport of dangerous goods are based on the Recommendations of the UN Committee of Experts as described in ‘The Orange Book’. There are different legislations and international requirements in place relating to the different modes of transport and the carriage of dangerous goods. Each mode of transport has its authority and regulation manual in which they follow ‘The Orange Book. These Authorities are ICAO (Air), ADR (Road), RID (Rail) and IMO (Sea).

UN Certified Packaging are tested and approved by national authorities and must be used with all modes of transport. Packaging Performance is established by a variety of tests which can include pressure, drop and stack testing. Approval is subject to all packaging being of specified design types including closures, conformations and when required absorbent filling material. Successfully tested packaging are allocated a UN mark indicating the type of packaging, the packing groups allowed, weight and pressure limitations, authorisation for liquids or solids and the certificate registration number. Markings are printed or embossed on the packaging and must be durable, legible and of a specified size.

It is the shippers responsibility to see that products are compatible with their containers and closures, that regulation packaging is used and that UN approved labelling completes the combination packagings. The shipper is responsible for all aspects of the packing of dangerous goods in compliance with the regulations.

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