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CarePack’s diagnostic specimens packaging

Are you looking for an expert on diagnostic specimens packaging? CarePack Holland BV specializes in medical packaging. We have a wide range of certified packages, and offer packaging solutions for biochemical materials and category B materials (diagnostic specimens packaging, UN 3373).

Comply with regulations

Diagnostic specimens (UN 3373) must be in packages that comply with packing instruction 650. This diagnostic packing standard is mandatory for transport by road, as well as by air, and refers to the packing strength, and water and air tightness (95 kPa), the absorbent material, etc.

When it comes to dry ice shipments we have a wide range of different package sizes and also special leak-proof and airtight pouches that are resistant to the cold.

More information on diagnostic specimens packaging?

Learn more about the different forms of diagnostic specimen packaging by clicking here. Please fill out our contact form if you would like to receive product information. Should you have any other questions, call us on +31 (0)20 3540787 or send an email to info@carepack.nl.

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