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Medical Waste Packaging, P620

This UN approved packaging has been developed according to packing instruction P620 for disposing medical waste, solids and liquids, that need to be classified as infectious substances category A UN2814 or UN2900, i.e. disposal from Ebola patients.

This packaging can be used for disposing infectious waste of category A according to ADR, but also for transporting infected animals or carcasses affected by pathogens of Category A according to ADR

What kind of medical waste should be classified as UN2814?

  • – Medical waste from humans or animals that, when exposure to it occurs, is capable of causing permanent disability, life-threatening or fatal diseases in otherwise healty humans or animals
  • – Medical waste from research on pathogens: micro-organisms (incl. bacteria, virusses, rickettsiae, parasites and fungi) and other agents such as prions with high risk (e.g. risk group 4, WHO)
  • – Medical waste from new or emerging pathogens with high risk
  • – Medical waste of cultures which do appear in the table of Category A (IATA/ADR)

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